Who we are

Who we are

We are an international Congregation of apostolic religious life of pontifical right. Faithful to our tradition, we commit ourselves to participate in the teaching mission of the Church, giving special attention to people living poverty in various forms.


Our Congregation was founded in Vannes in 1803 by Louise-Élisabeth de Lamoignon, in religion, Mother Saint-Louis. She placed her Congregation under the protection of Saint Louis (King Louis IX), a man who deemed the dignity of a child of God of higher rank than that of royal dignity. Saint Louis placed himself at the service of his people, having a particular concern for those who were victims of poverty and injustice. It was therefore quite natural that Mother Saint-Louis should entrust her Congregation under the protection of this great saint.


Mother Saint-Louis wrote: “Love can do all things”. The love that filled her heart overflowed in her works of charity. This is the heritage that Blessed Louise-Élisabeth left us. She showed us a sure way to carry out the work of God. Following in the footsteps of a woman so filled with zeal for God, we are called to bring about the Reign of God in our world, a world that does not always realise how much it longs to see the mercy and compassion of Christ. Therein lies our vocation as women therein lies our vocation as Sisters of Charity of Saint Louis.


Today, in the twenty-first century, our mission of evangelization in the teaching mission of the Church varies from country to country: in Haiti, Madagascar and Africa, it involves works in education and in human development, in the social and spiritual spheres, in schools and colleges as well as in dispensaries. In the Northern countries, sisters respond to various calls from the Church and the World where they can continue to reach out with concrete efforts of solidarity and sharing, of hope and forgiveness that manifest the compassion of the God and the joy of salvation .

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