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Maison Louise-Élisabeth was inaugurated in Lévis on November 24, 2016


Two teams were formed, the COGIR and the SCSL teams. They worked together to see to the settling in of 128 Sisters taking residence. The house is new and functional. It is simple, but bright and beautiful…


We wanted a house 'without borders' open to the world. We are learning to translate this vision into action… beginning to experience these changes, inspired by the spiritual dimension of our lives.

50 years in Mali? Why, yes, how time flies!


On December 27, 2016, the SCSL will celebrate 50 years of presence in the country of Mali, for the most part in Kita, our first settlement on African soil. 


On foot, by cart, motor bike, train, by car or by plane, strengthened by the Spirit, our missionaries set out to proclaim the Good News in the “peripheries”, giving comfort to everyone in need, sharing the joys and sorrows of all, whether Animist, Muslim, or Christian.

Haiti bounces back!


We saw at first hand, said Sr. Josephine Goggin, the general superior, the terrible consequences of a hurricane none of our sisters say they had experienced previously:  uprooted trees;  destroyed crops; flattened houses; roofless churches, schools and homes;  roads made impassable and the terrible consequent effects: food shortages, high prices, contaminated water.


In spite of all, we were bowled over by the energy, joy and hope to which the sisters witness.  B R A V O  FOR YOUR COURAGE !


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Aware of the immense privilege that was given me to have been chosen by God and by you, I never cease to thank God.


When I close my eyes, I still see the immensity and beauty of the ocean that I gazed upon every morning at Saint-Gildas de Rhuys. I still feel the presence of the people from the 5 countries with whom I experienced this session. Our hearts were united in a same love, the same that filled Mother St. Louis with the presence of the One she had always loved and to Whom she had given her life.


I realized that I had been chosen to be sent. That I have a duty, with the help of the Holy Spirit and Mother St. Louis, to be faithful:


·        To prayer; to continually deepen my relationship with God;

·        To becoming ever more deeply rooted in my relationship with Mother St Louis…to pray to her

·        To making her known, making her loved, promoting prayer to her for the greater glory of God!


Thus, God in his great kindness and mercy will help me participate in the redemption of humanity with Mother St. Louis and all the Saints. And so, by his grace, I will help spread her charism wherever I am called.


Thank you for welcoming me into this beautiful family of the Sisters of Charity of St. Louis!


Viviane Gonneville, Associate of the Sisters of Charity of St. Louis

To know more about an exceptional woman

From Louise-Élisabeth to Mother Saint-Louis: in this brochure you can follow her human and spiritual itinerary as well as her quest for life fulfilment and realise that even today, her life has much relevance…

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