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Overflowing joy in Bentegnier

About 800 people attended the perpetual profession of Sister Hellène Ndèye Sarr, a ceremony presided over by Mgr. Ndiaye, Archbishop of Dakar. Héllène was happy to be among her own for this Big Day. She warmly thanked the people who had accompanied her on her journey.  Héllène is principal of the Kër Mother St. Louis School which has a booming population: an 8th class is being built; the Sisters will soon move into their new home, and parents are always willing to join forces. Bentegnier rocks!

A garden? Of course!

The tradition of having a garden near a SCSL Foundation dates back to 1803.  We are told by Sister Ria Gerritsen in Led by Love that the ladies of Père Eternel in Vannes grew vegetables to feed the household.  A few years from now, the garden of Banankoro will produce fruits and vegetables to feed the Sisters and the people who are involved in the Banankoro social project...

Empowering Women in Banankoro

We have a project!  More than 40 women signed on for sewing workshops. There is no building as yet; but we have mango trees and a patio!  The Project Director, Sister Djitome Imelda Carine, is ready to set up an outdoor space... The Sisters of the community have promised to lend a helping hand. What more could we expect then? Mother St. Louis can only bless this project: it is in direct line with the charism that she has left us.

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   Since 1991, Mother Saint Louis has truly inspired me. Her life and the Word of God have been my daily bread. Growing closer to the poor has given meaning to my life …


   At the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, I loved to spend time listening to the sick; listening is a source of healing as good as any medication. At the Chaînon (a women’s shelter) where I worked with abused women, or later, as the coordinator of persons with intellectual disabilities, I kept this deep desire to accompany people holistically. In life, you learn to embrace  human frailties, to love freely, unconditionally.


   Now retired, I am interested in the Hope and Cope group. A few words of encouragement can disperse clouds and make way for the sun…  I love to quote Mother Saint Louis: "Everything is great when it is done in love." Doing everything out of Love like a true disciple of Jesus and a true daughter of Mother Saint Louis.


   My pilgrimage to Brittany in 2004 taught me to love Mother Saint Louis even more. A true disciple of Jesus must bloom wherever planted. And sometimes, God uproots us... Mother Saint Louis had to leave Paris for Vannes. After Montreal, I find myself back in the Beauce to continue my mission. As the song goes:


"We come to earth to love

To live together and share

And to set each day ablaze with joy

Life is a symphony

Everyone is part of it

Together we must sing: Alleluia!”


Cécile Carlos, a.s.c.s.l.

To know more about an exceptional woman

From Louise-Élisabeth to Mother Saint-Louis: in this brochure you can follow her human and spiritual itinerary as well as her quest for life fulfilment and realise that even today, her life has much relevance…

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