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Pre-capitulary Year

As we enter the last year before our General Chapter, all the sisters seemed resolved to respond to the call to create the future. Now that all the provincial assemblies/chapters are over, the restructuring scenarios sent by the participants will be studied by the general government to prepare for this event.

Following Blessed Louise-Elisabeth’ example, we pray to the Holy Spirit; [...] that God may be for us not only a Spirit of light and faith, but also a spirit of enthusiasm and fervour.

The International Community

For the SCSL, formation is a priority. A Sister must continue to develop her human potential, deepen the knowledge and implications of her commitment to religious life and acquire the professional skills necessary for the mission.

The International Community gives us these opportunities. 5 Sisters who made  profession 5 years ago and spent as many years ministering in their own countries, landed in France in September, brimming with enthusiasm and ready for adventure!

Thanks to such women, the mission to the most destitute will be extended and continuously renewed.

Together, thanks to Mary!

On May 28, 1967, two Congregations joined together, encouraged by their mutual devotion to Mary, Mother of Sorrows and of Compassion.

To commemorate these 50 years, the feast of our Lady of Compassion, September 15th, was chosen as being the most meaningful.

How many joys and challenges we have shared, what acts of love and service we have performed together! 50 years later, we again need to commit ourselves anew, as Mary, upright and determined to be women of compassion in a world that cries out for healing.

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24 persons from 7 different countries met in Brittany to experience a delightful and unforgettable event!  It was September 2016. It was also a blessed time together when, as associates and companions of local groups, we took the time to stop and think and appreciate our vocation as persons associated with the charism of Blessed Louise-Elisabeth.


Communion of hearts and minds comes easy in that blessed land that saw the birth of our charism. Cultural and personal differences no longer matter. You are convinced that our charism is alive and well, that wherever it spreads, it is a source of comfort, encouragement and enthusiasm for the mission.


Alas! Back at home, ordinary life resumes its course. You therefore have to choose moments to remember. From now on, fall will be that special time to keep the promise to pray for each other.


We could also look forward to a celebration that draws together all the Associates of the Congregation next February 9th. This was the wedding date of Madame Molé, and the date chosen as SCSL ASSOCIATES DAY  


Throughout her life, Mother St. Louis was a true witness of charity and mercy. Let us ask that through her intercession we also become "living witnesses of the mercy of the Lord." That was her dearest desire for us, wasn't it? 


Lise Barbeau, s.c.s.l., General Secretary

To know more about an exceptional woman

From Louise-Élisabeth to Mother Saint-Louis: in this brochure you can follow her human and spiritual itinerary as well as her quest for life fulfilment and realise that even today, her life has much relevance…

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